TOREX USA Corp. R&D Center

R&D Center for World-Leading Analog Power Supply ICs

The TOREX USA Corp. R&D Center (US R&D Center) is the R&D facility and located in Sunnyvale, California, one of the main cities in Silicon Valley. The location in Silicon Valley where advanced semiconductor and computer related companies are gathered will allow it to quickly respond to the latest technological trends and develop value-added products in next-generation.

We will Meet the Requests and Solve the Problems Learned through Support

Torex is a leader in ultra small, low-power supply ICs and we are supplying them to the many leading-edge companies in Silicon Valley and everywhere in North America. The US R&D Center also offers support to these advanced companies. The Center also actively exchanges information with the sales representatives and field applications engineers (FAE) in our US branches. Meeting the requests and solving the problems of our customers in North America based on the information received through this communication allows us to add unique products to our lineup.

Accelerating R&D from our Facilities in Japan and the US

As with the other technology centers in Tokyo and Kansai, Japan, the US R&D Center will plan products, set specifications, and provide product designing, testing and customizing support. Engineers will be assigned to the center to organically fuse the human element with the required equipment to further accelerate the speed of research and development.