Single Type Voltage Regulator Selection Guide

Torex products can be searched by input voltage, max output current and features.
Click the product series number on the right to move to the product details page.

XC6601 XC6602 XC6603 XC6604 XC6224 XC6233 XC6223 XC6229 XC6225 XC6213 XC6504 XC6218 XC6215 XC6501 XC6217 XC6221 XC6206 XC6219 XC6214 XC6503 XC6222 XC6227 XC6220 XC6230 XC6205 XC6201 XC6204 XC6209 XC6505 XC6216 XC6701 XC6702 XC62KN XC6901 XC6902