Halogen & Antimony free


Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has completed its lead-free transition to meet the requirements of the European RoHS directive. Currently Torex is undertaking a transition to halogen-free and antimony-free products that contain no bromine (Br) or antimony (Sb) (H&A-free products).

Definition of Torex

・Halogen free : According to IEC 61249-2-21 definition

Bromine(Br) content≦900ppm
Chlorine(Cl) content≦900ppm
Total Halogens ≦1500ppm

・Antimony Free : in homogeneous material

Antimony trioxide(Sb2O3) content≦900ppm

*The definition of antimony free was reviwed as of February 1, 2021.

How can I order Halogen & Antimony free products from Torex

Please add “-G” at the end of part number.

Products Part Numbers Descriptions
Part number today XC6221B332MR Torex Products are compliant with RoHS.
Halogen & Antimony free XC6221B332MR-G Halogen & Antimony free products are automatically compliant to RoHS.

Can Torex already support Halogen & Antimony free?

A lot of products can be shipped with Halogen & Antimony free.
Please contact your local sales office for more information.