Information Security Policy

Torex Group recognises that it our legal and ethical duty to endeavour to protect information assets in all forms, of our customers, business partners as well as our own from human errors, accidents, disasters and crimes.

To achieve this, Torex Group has set the following:

  1. Torex Group shall identify risks of information security and shall respond as soon as possible when presented with any risks using available resources such as protection equipment, technology and human resources.
  2. Torex Group has established a management team responsible for the promotion of information security policies, guidelines and procedures to clarify roles and responsibilities for information security.
  3. Torex Group complies with laws, legislations, and regulations regarding information security by implementing internal rules and procedures which should be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that they remain appropriate in the light of any changes.
  4. Torex Group educates its officers, employees and subcontractors to raise awareness about information security on the management and utilisation of these assets.
  5. Torex Group performs regular audits to ensure compliance of the information security system policies and guidelines and provides solutions when any issues are found.

July 14, 2016