Corporate Code of Conduct

Basic Philosophy

Companies should aspire to be a helpful presence in society whilst pursuing their primary economic role of seeking profit through fair competition. We are deeply conscious of the fact that companies are also members of society therefore, we have established the TOREX Corporate Code of Conduct to guide our development as an honest and decent enterprise so that we may contribute to the realization of a more prosperous society as a good corporate citizen.

Guidelines for Action

  1. Provide products and services useful to society while taking care to ensure safety and protect personal information to earn the satisfaction and trust of consumers and customers, and also of all stakeholders by contributing to energy conservation and other ways to contribute to sustainable economic growth and to solving issues in society.
  2. Conduct fair, transparent, and free competition and appropriate transactions. Maintain wholesome and impartial relations with politics and the government.
  3. Actively and fairly present corporate information, communicate with the broader society as well as with shareholders, and aim to raise corporate value through the accompanying constructive discourse.
  4. Respect the diversity, personalities, and individuality of employees while providing a safe and easy-to-work in environment that contributes to making their lives enjoyable and prosperous by eliminating all forms of forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking, as a matter of course, as well as eliminating unfounded discrimination, sexual harassment, abuse of power, and similar conduct from the workplace.
  5. rotecting and preserving the environment is a common issue facing all of humankind and we recognize this is also required of a business as it conducts its activities and, therefore, we voluntarily and proactively undertake such activities.
  6. As a good corporate citizen, proactively undertake activities to contribute to society.
  7. Respect the personality and human rights of all people and eliminate from business activities any other conduct which may foster violations of human rights.
  8. In the conduct of international business activities, strictly obey international rules and local laws, respect the local culture and customs, and conduct business so as to contribute to the development of the local community.
  9. Eliminate relationships with antisocial forces that threaten civic life and business activities and implement risk management by operating a business continuity management (BCM) system in preparation for natural disasters, cyberattacks, terrorism, and other disruptions.
  10. Top management recognizes that its role is to realize the spirit of this Code of Conduct and to set an example while thoroughly instilling it throughout the Company and group companies, building a practical Company structure and thoroughly implementing corporate ethics. It also urges the supply chain to take actions based on the spirit of this Code.
  11. Should there occur any circumstance constituting an infraction of this Code of Conduct, top management shall strive to resolve the problem, identify the cause, and prevent a reoccurrence while executing its responsibility to quickly and accurately provide society with corresponding information and an explanation, clarify authority and responsibility, and take punitive measures, including for itself, as appropriate.

April 1, 2019
President, Koji Shibamiya