Export Control

We naturally have a responsibility as a global company to contribute toward security export control to maintain international peace and security. We have built a security control structure as follows and are working to strengthen our export control structure to fulfill this responsibility.

Security management system

We have established the security export control regulations and have submitted them to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that is the competent authority. After confirmation by the Ministry that they are appropriate, the CP acceptance certificate is issued. Moreover, we report the situation of our self-management to the Ministry once a year.
Our security export control regulations clarify that the Security Control Committee is chaired by the President, who shall be the person with the ultimate responsibility for security management of the company. We have built a system in which the persons who are responsible for making legal and technical judgements appropriately implement security export control operations under the instructions of the President.

Security control education

Our goal is to improve the awareness of our employees toward our security export control systems. To achieve this, the security control education is the necessary educational subject for new employees and we also hold an educational program at least once a year for all the employees. We continue to raise awareness about the importance of the security export control.

Compliance with list controls and catch-all controls

Please contact our sales representatives when you wish to export our products overseas. We will issue you with a classification and parameter sheet for the list controls on our products. In addition, there is cargo subject to catch-all controls for our products that have been deemed not subject to list controls. However, we check the use/consumer requirements and informing requirements according to the security export control regulations in cases where we are the exporter.