Human Resources Development Policy

From here on, it is conceivable that circumstances such as the growth of our digital society and initiatives toward the SDGs will lead to demands for new capabilities.
Also, with the arrival of a 100-year life for mankind, it will become difficult to continue doing only specific work over one’s lifetime, and we will enter a time in which even individuals will be required to obtain new skills and abilities. It will be necessary for us to construct a human resources development system for diverse personnel who can inherit existing abilities while also having the potential to create new things, as we aim for sustainable growth and improvement of our medium- to long-term corporate value, since the environment surrounding corporations will furthermore change drastically in short time periods.
Torex Semiconductor will establish and maintain mechanisms to continually improve the abilities of its employees by building an environment to support personnel development which includes OJT, internal and external group training (OffJT), and self-development.