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Please use the SpiceModel download from reading the license agreement.

SPICE MODEL License Agreement

This License Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) relating to the use of SPICE MODEL is made and entered into by and between the Customer and Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. (hereinafter “Torex”). Customer agrees to this Agreement and the Agreement is executed.

SPICE MODEL provided in this Agreement is a product model that is useable in the OrCAD system environment of Cadence Design Systems Inc.

・SPICE MODEL can be modified to enable use with specific applications; however, all rights to the modified model and any derivatives shall revert to Torex.
・Customer is granted a license to use SPICE MODEL subject to the condition that Customer fulfils the terms of this Agreement.


・Acts such as the sale of, lending out of, redistribution of, and granting of license for a version of SPICE MODEL that has been completely or partially modified by Customer to a third party are prohibited.
・The creation of copies of a version of SPICE MODEL that has been completely or partially modified by Customer is prohibited. The Customer that will use SPICE MODEL shall directly download SPICE MODEL.

・SPICE MODEL is an effective tool for testing product performance by simulation; however, it does not simulate product performance in all test environments and is not intended to be a replacement for testing of the actual device by means of a test board or otherwise.The scope of guarantee of product performance is indicated in the electrical characteristics of the most recent data sheet. No other guarantees are made.
・We make no assurances that SPICE MODEL will operate normally on all computer systems.
・We assume no responsibility for any discrepancies that may occur between the results of simulation using SPICE MODEL and the results of testing using the actual device.
・Simulation results are for reference purposes only; CUSTOMER shall perform thorough testing using the actual device.
・We bear absolutely no responsibility for any damages that occur directly or indirectly from the use of SPICE MODEL by Customer.
・Torex does not provide maintenance (including updates) or support services for the provided SPICE MODEL.
・SPICE MODEL is protected by copyright laws, and aside from instances clearly provided for in this DISCLAIMER, Torex does not consent to the licensing of patent rights or other intellectual property rights (including those of third parties).

・The term of this agreement shall commence when the Customer downloads SPICE MODEL, and shall terminate when the Customer stops using SPICE MODEL.

Spice Model Download

Recommended more than Pspice ver.16.3,Ta=25℃ Compliant