【TIP】4 different types of current limiting/current foldback circuits on Torex LDO

May 16, 2011

LDO Current Foldback/Current Limiter Circuits Tips [0.6MB]

A TIP that explains 4 different types of current limiting/current foldback circuits has been released.  
The current limiting/ current foldback circuit plays an important role by controlling any excessive output current. Despite numerous Torex LDO's integrate such a circuit, how many people realise that the shape of the foldback waveform differs between different Torex LDO datasheets.  
Amongst the multitude of current limit methods, Torex currently implements 4 of them:

  • Type A Current limiter, then current foldback;
  • Type B Current foldback only;
  • Type C Current limiter, then current limiter;
  • Type D Current foldback, then current limiter.


The detailed operation for some of these types is given inside this TIP.

It is a good opportunity to learn something new about Torex LDO's.  
You can learn more about power IC's by consulting our other application notes and TIP's by clicking on the following link: https://www.torexsemi.com/technical-support/tips/.