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Dec 4, 2012
Product News
Ultra Small Voltage Regulators with only 0.6μA Supply Current (No CL Capacitor Required) XC6504 Series
Oct 11, 2012
Product News
16V Step-down DC/DC Converter with Internal Driver Tr. XC9246 / XC9247 Series
Sep 5, 2012
Product News
New SOP-8FD Package Added, 2A Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converters, XC9242/XC9243 Series
Aug 1, 2012
Product News
Step-up Synchronous PFM DC/DC Converter XC9140 Series
Jun 19, 2012
Product News
Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Protection Diodes, XBP Series: 10 New Products
Jun 5, 2012
Product News
UHF Band Low Noise Amplifier XC2402 Series
May 17, 2012
Product News
200mA high-speed LDO regulator with an inrush current prevention XC6233 Series
Apr 24, 2012
Product News
400mA "micro DC/DC" Converter with Integrated Coil XCL208/XCL209 Series
Jan 26, 2012
Product News
1A 0.5V Ultra-Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with Built-in Inrush Current Protection XC6603/XC6604 Series