Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Protection Diodes, XBP Series: 10 New Products

Jun 19, 2012

TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD. (Tokyo Japan: President, Tomoyuki Fujisaka) has developed 10 new Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS).

Torex is pleased to announce the addition of 10 new TVS protection diodes to its existing transient voltage suppressor line up. With 5 of the 10 new TVS diodes suitable for use with high speed signals and the other 5 suited to power line applications, we have expanded our product portfolio.  
These TVS can be placed close to the external interface and are perfect for safeguarding systems against ESD and other voltage-induced transient pulses.  
The XBP1002, XBP1004, XBP1006, XBP1008 and XBP1009 all have small terminal capacitance and can support high speed signal lines so are all suitable for USB2.0, USB3.0, HDMI & LVDS line protection.  
The XBP1010, XBP1011, XBP1013 are 5V parts, the XBP1012 is 12V and the XBP1007 is 24V making these new TVS Diodes suitable for use for protection against transients on AV product signal lines and also power line protection.  
These new TVS Diodes are environmentally friendly products that comply with the EU RoHS directive and are Pb free. At Torex, we will continue to develop our TVS product line up to meet market needs.  
For more details on the XBP Series, please click here.

Corporate Data

Founded 1995
Capital 1819.58 million JPY
Representative Tomoyuki Fujisaka
Operations 1.Research and Development, Manufacturing of ICs and active discrete components.
2.Sales of ICs and active discrete components.

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. is a leading provider of CMOS power management ICs targeted toward battery powered and energy efficient applications. Torex specializes in CMOS analog technology, with LDO voltage regulators, voltage detectors and DC/DC converters making up our core product offering.