New SOP-8FD Package Added, 2A Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converters, XC9242/XC9243 Series

Sep 5, 2012

XC9242 / XC9243 Data Sheet [0.7MB]

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TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD. (Tokyo Japan: President, Tomoyuki Fujisaka) has added a new SOP-8FD package option to the 2A synchronous step-down DC/DC converter, the XC9242/XC9243 series.

The XC9242/XC9243 series are synchronous step-down DC-DC converters capable of supporting output currents up to 2A. The internal 0.11Ω (TYP.) P-channel MOS driver transistor and a 0.12Ω (TYP.) N-channel MOS switch transistor enable the stable drive of output currents up to 2A together with high efficiency.  
The operating voltage range is 2.7V to 6.0V. The output voltage can be freely set from 0.9V using the 0.8V ±2.0% internal reference voltage and an external resistor ladder. A switching frequency of 1.2MHz (±15%) or 2.4MHz (±15%) can be selected as appropriate for the application. PWM control (XC9242) and PWM/PFM automatic switching control (XC9243) can be selected for the control method, and low output ripple and high efficiency are achieved across a full range of load currents. The new series can be used with ceramic capacitors.  
The XC9242/XC9243 series has an internal soft-start function that quickly starts the output power supply in 1ms (TYP.). The current limiting function is set to 4.0A (TYP.) and is ideal for large-current applications. A CL high-speed discharge function and UVLO function (forcibly turns off the internal driver transistor at an input voltage of 2.4V TYP. or less) are also built in. The XC9242/XC9243 is available in a small USP-10B package and SOP-8FD, which is added as new package and can be selected to match the application.  
This series is an environment-friendly product that complies with the EU RoHS Directive and is Pb-free.

XC9242/XC9243 Series Features

  • Stable drive with high efficiency up to an output current of 2A is possible.
  • High efficiency : 95% typical (fOSC=1.2MHz, VIN=5.0V, VOUT=3.3V).
  • Operating voltage range is 2.7V to 6.0V.
  • Internal reference voltage of 0.8V ±2.0% ; the output voltage can be freely set from 0.9V using external resistors
  • 1.2MHz (±15%) or 2.4MHz (±15%) can be selected for the switching frequency.
  • Soft-start function (1ms typical), CL discharge function and UVLO function built-in

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Corporate Data

Founded 1995
Capital 1819.58 million JPY
Representative Tomoyuki Fujisaka
Operations 1.Research and Development, Manufacturing of ICs and active discrete components.
2.Sales of ICs and active discrete components.

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