XC6130/XC6131 Series

Apr 15, 2014

XC6130/XC6131 Data Sheet [0.9MB]

TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD. (Tokyo Japan: President, Tomoyuki Fujisaka) has developed the XC6130/XC6131 series of 6V input voltage detector with internal watchdog timer.

The XC6130/XC6131 series are voltage detectors that can operate at 6V and have an internal watchdog timer. A monitoring system can be configured by setting any timeout time and release delay time with a single external capacitor. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, these detectors are ideal for microprocessor monitoring systems for industrial equipment and car accessories (the temperature range of previous products was -40°C to +85°C).

The XC6130 series has a manual reset function. When the manual reset pin is set to low level at any timing, an L level signal is output from the RESETB pin.   
The XC6131 series has a watchdog ON/OFF function, which makes it possible to turn off only the watchdog function while the voltage detector remains in operation.   
The MRB pin and EN pin are pulled up internally to VIN, and thus can be open when not used.  
The detect voltage range is 1.6V to 5.0V (±1.0%), the detect voltage temperature characteristic is ±50ppm/°C, and the quiescent current is 8.1μA (at detection) or 2.5μA (when the watchdog function is off).   
The series is available in a SOT-26 package and is an environment-friendly product that complies with the EU RoHS Directive and is Pb-free.

XC6130/6131 Series Features

  • The watchdog timeout time and release delay time can be set as desired with a single external capacitor.
  • Detect voltage temperature characteristic: ±50ppm/°C
  • A manual reset function (XC6130 series) or watchdog ON/OFF function (XC6131 series) can be selected as appropriate for the application.

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