XC62FJ Series

May 14, 2014

XC62fj Data Sheet [0.4MB]

TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD. (Tokyo Japan: President, Tomoyuki Fujisaka, 6616: JASDAQ at Tokyo Stock Exchange) has developed the XC62FJ series of low quiescent current regulators with 10V input and a maximum output current of 200mA.

The XC62FJ series are voltage regulators with 10V input, a low quiescent current of 2.0μA, and a maximum output current of 200mA. In recent years, mounting space has become limited due to the increasingly advanced functionality and miniaturization of applications that include a regulator, and there is a demand for even lower quiescent currents, smaller packages, and higher performance.

The XC62FJ series developed by TOREX are highly versatile voltage regulators that support an input voltage range of 1.8V to 10V and achieve a low quiescent current of 2.0μA (TYP.). Using laser trimming technology, the output voltage can be set within the range of 1.7V to 6.0V (accuracy of ±2.0%) in steps of 0.1V. Ideal as a constant voltage power supply for applications that mainly use a 2-cell lithium battery, smart meters, and industrial equipment. The interior consists of a reference voltage supply, error amplifier, driver transistor, current limiting circuit, and other components.

This product is pin-compatible with products that have VIN assigned to pin 2, the previous mainstream method, and thus replacement of older products can be smoothly accomplished.   
This series is an environment-friendly product that complies with the EU RoHS Directive and is Pb-free.

XC62FJ Series Features

  • Supports 10V input and achieves a low quiescent current of 2.0μA (TYP.)
  • Low dropout voltage of 160mV (IOUT=100mA, VOUT=5.0V)
  • Ideal for applications that use a 2-cell lithium battery

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