Ultra-small, Low Profile, Low ON Resistance Package! Step-down DC/DC Converters with HiSAT-COT Fast Transient Response Control XC9259 Series (1.0A) / XC9262 Series (1.5A)

May 22, 2015

TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD. (Tokyo Japan: President, Tomoyuki Fujisaka, 6616: JASDAQ at Tokyo Stock Exchange) has developed two new series of step-down, synchronous DC/DC converters with Torex's unique HiSAT-COT fast transient response control in an ultra-small package (1.2mm×1.4mm×h0.3mm).

The XC9259 series and XC9262 series are step-down synchronous DC/DC converters with a low ON resistance. Housed in the ultra-small LGA-8B01 (1.2mm×1.4mm×h0.3mm) package, these converters incorporate Torex's unique HiSAT-COT fast transient response control ("HiSAT-COT control" below).

Compared to regular COT control, Torex's HiSAT-COT control enables greater suppression of frequency fluctuations caused by the load and input voltage. The response speed is eight times faster than previous products, and the output voltage drop is reduced by 50%.   
This unique HiSAT-COT control has now been incorporated into the unprecedentedly thin LGA-8B01 package (1.2mm×1.4mm×h0.3mm), and low ON resistance has also been achieved. (Fig. 1) This ultra-small package contributes to further saving of design space. (Fig. 2)

Fig. 1 Ultra-small package, low ON resistance characteristics


Fig. 2: Space saving is realized


PWM control or PWM/PFM auto switching control can be selected for the operation mode, and a fast response, low ripple, and high efficiency are obtained over the entire load range, from light loads to heavy loads.  
The output voltage can be set internally to a value from 0.8V to 3.6V (±2.0%) in steps of 0.05V. The only external components used are a coil and capacitor, and a high-efficiency, stable power supply with an output current of 1.0A (XC9259 series) or 1.5A (XC9262 series) can be obtained. Oscillation frequencies are 1.2MHz or 3.0MHz (XC9262 series only), and 6.0MHz (XC9259 series only), allowing selection of the optimum frequency for the application.  
By stopping all circuits during standby, the quiescent current is reduced to 1.0μA or less. The soft start function starts the IC in a quick 0.30ms (TYP.). An internal UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) function forcibly shuts OFF the internal Pch MOS driver transistor when the input voltage drops to 2.0V or less. The B type includes a CL discharge function that discharges the output capacitor during standby.  
These converters are ideal for various portable devices, as well as applications such as microprocessors where it is desirable to prevent malfunctioning.

With the addition of these two new series to our existing series that are equipped with HiSAT-COT control, our lineup now consists of four products and six series.  
We will continue to expand our lineup of products equipped with HiSAT-COT fast transient response control to meet market needs.

XC9259/XC9262 Series Features

  • LGA-8B01 package (1.2 x 1.4 x h0.3mm), output currents of 1.0A (XC9259) and 1.5A (XC9262) are possible
  • Realization of Low ON resistance (XC9262: high side: 0.11Ω / low side: 0.07Ω)
  • Ultra-small, low-profile package reduces design area by approximately 80% compared to previous products
  • Employs Torex's unique HiSAT-COT fast transient response control
  • For the load-transient characteristics, response speed is eight times faster than previous products, and output voltage drop is reduced by 50%
  • A 1005-size ceramic capacitor can be used

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