Our Efforts to Reduce Power Consumption

Jun 16, 2011

The following is a report on the efforts of our outside suppliers and our company in relation to the power consumption limits based on Article 27 of the Electricity Business Act.

The percentage of reduction of regulated power values of our outside suppliers due to the relaxation of clean room restrictions is 0% to 5%. 

Based on this, we submitted a joint usage restriction scheme application to the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and are undertaking the power consumption reduction activities described below on a whole-group basis.
However, we have received a report that this is not expected to affect product production.

With regard to our company, only our corporate headquarters building is targeted, however, we are planning to implement electricity conservation on a whole-group basis including other facilities and undertake stabilization by means of production at overseas factories.
We are thereby making every effort to prevent the supply of products to our customers from being affected.

Main activities to reduce power consumption at outside supplier factories

  1. Stopping the use of electric compressors by using engine compressors
  2. Installing a demand controller to monitor power consumption in real time and send automatic warnings by e-mail before over-consumption occurs, and thereby take steps to reduce power usage.
  3. Running lines capable of night production mainly during the night shift.
  4. Setting the room temperature of common areas to 28 degrees
  5. Turning off some air conditioning on common floors
  6. Use of inverters for motors
  7. Lowering brightness of computer screens by 40%
  8. Stopping operation of vending machines
  9. Reduction of the number of fluorescent lights... etc.

Main activities undertaken to reduce power consumption at our company

  1. Electricity conservation in common and exclusive parts of occupied buildings.
    1. Lighting: Turning off some lights in entry hall, common corridors, and other areas. Turning off lights in areas where not needed.
    2. Air conditioning: Turning off some air conditioning in occupied common areas, temperature-controlled air conditioning (temperature set to 28°C) and stopping use.
    3. Stopping operation of one elevator in corporate headquarters building (two elevators operate until 9:00 A.M.).
    4. Shortened hot water service time, electricity conservation around restrooms, turning off office equipment when not needed, PC power-saving settings (OFF after 10 minutes)
    5. Using the building's "Demand Monitor" to implement emergency response during peak use.
  2. Increasing the proportion of production at overseas factories (excluding some products)

June 6, 2011