Compact, High Heat Dissipation “Cool Post”-Type Package

Aug 22, 2018

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. held a ceremony for the initial shipment of the new DFN3030-10B “cool post” type package on July 27, 2018.

This package (DFN3030-10B) was developed jointly with KATOH co., ltd. Its structure employs Cu posts which penetrate the package from its upper surface through to its lower surface, making it a compact, high heat dissipation package which can release coil heat directly to a mounting board (printed board). Since the coil is located outside of the package, coils can be selected from winding-type (ferrite, metal alloy), laminated, or other types to accommodate the specifications of micro-module products. This will allow micro-modules to have higher operation voltages and larger currents as they continue to become more and more compact. This package also has excellent properties for product storage and handling (moisture-proofing control) which have enabled it to achieve the grade of MSL-1.

▲Scenes from shipment ceremony at KATOH co., ltd.

DFN3030-10B Package Features

・Cu posts which pass through the package can release generated coil heat directly to the mounting board.
・Packages are not dependent on coil type, allowing micro-modules to have higher operation voltages and larger currents.

"micro DC/DC" Series

Thermal Properties of Cu Posts

Coil body temperature rise with a 1400-mA current flowing through the coil

(1)With Cu posts(Ta=25℃)           (2)Without Cu posts (Ta=25℃)