XC6129 Series

Voltage Detector with Delay Time Adjustable

XC6129 series is an ultra small highly accurate voltage detector with external capacitor type delay function.

The device includes a highly accurate reference voltage source, manufactured using CMOS process and laser trimming technology, it maintains low power consumption and high accuracy. The device includes the built-in delay circuit.

A release delay time or detect delay time can be set freely by connecting an external delay capacitor to Cd pin.

There are two kinds of the output configuration for the XC6129 such as CMOS or N-channel open drain. The series has a function to prevent an indefinite operation. Therefore, when the input pin voltage is under minimum operating voltage, the function controls an output pin voltage in the indefinite operation less than 0.4V (MAX.). Also, the series allows a choice of an output logic when detection; therefore, it is suitable for various electric devices using Microcontrollers.

Ultra small package USPN-4, USPQ-4B05 and SSOT-24 (standard) are ideally suited for small design of portable devices and high densely mounting applications.

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Aug 22, 2014
Product News
Ultra-small voltage detectors with high accuracy, ultra-low 0.42μA supply current, and a detection delay function

Typical Application Circuit


High Accuracy ±0.8%(Ta=25℃)
Detect Voltage Temperature Characteristics ±50ppm/℃(TYP.)
Hysteresis Width VDF×5%(TYP.)
Low Quiescent Current 0.42μATYP.(Detect VDF=2.7V)
0.58μATYP.(Release VDF=2.7V)
Detect Voltage Range 1.5V~5.5V(0.1V increments)
Operating Voltage Range 1.3V~6.0V
Output Configuration N-channel open drain or CMOS output
Output Logic H level or L level at detection
Release Delay Time 13.9ms(Cd=0.01μF,Rp=2MΩ)
Detect Delay Time 17.9ms(Cd=0.01μF,Rn=2MΩ)
Manual Reset Input When Cd pin is “L” level, detect state
Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Environmentally Friendly EU RoHS compliant, Pb free



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