XC6806 Series

4.35V Correspondence One cell Li-battery Linear Charger IC with Shutdown and Current Path Function

Equipped with a system power supply function, the XC6806 is a linear charger IC for single-cell lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. The current path function gives system power supply priority over charging the lithium ion battery. The charge current can be adjusted with an external resistance, and an internal limit circuit with an input current of 450mA automatically reduces the charging current based on the load current that flows to the system.

The lithium ion battery temperature is monitored in conformance with JEITA, and by controlling the charge voltage and charge current as appropriate for the temperature, the battery can be charged safely. Internal protective functions include the charge timer, UVLO, thermal control, and reverse current prevention.

Shutdown function completely shuts off power supply from the battery to the system to prevent battery leakage current while the device is not in use, and this enables longer use of low supply current devices that operate using a small battery.

Charge status, connection status with USB can be confirmed with CSO terminal and PGB terminal. The IC is mounted in the small, high heat dissipation USP-10B or LGA-10B01 package, and a charging circuit can be designed with minimal external components.

Typical Application Circuit


Operating Voltage Range 4.5V ~ 5.5V
Charge Voltage 3.50V ~ 4.45V (± 30mV )
Charge Current 10mA ~ 385mA Can be set by external resistance
Input Current Limit 450mA, fixed internally
Battery Sink Current 0.1μA (Attached Battery only)
Functions Current Path
JEITA Conforming Thermistor Detect
Protection Function Charge Timer
Thermal Control
Reverse Current Prevention
Operating Ambient Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C