Linear Charger IC for Li-ion battery With Ultra-small Package Compatible With Wireless Charging

The XC6810 is a linear charger IC for Li-ion battery with ultra-small package compatible with a wireless charging and contact power supply.
The charging current corresponds to 1mA to 25mA, and it has a current path function that supplies power to the system at the same time as charging.

To realize an ultra-compact system, Battery Over Discharge Protection function, Output Terminal Short Protection function and Battery Voltage Monitor function or Battery Low Voltage Notification function are equipped. And the IC is equipped with a shutdown function and a wake-up function using an external push button to reduce battery consumption when the product is stored or unused.

In addition, there is a type that can indicates the charging status by modulating the input current using the CSO. We also have prepared a type that can notify the charging status to the power supply such as a cradle by two-wire communication. Ideal for monitoring and displaying the charging status of various wearable devices with the cradle.

Typical Application Circuit


Input Voltage Range 3.5V ~ 28.0V
Charge Voltage 3.80V ~ 4.40V (0.05V increments)
Charge Current 1mA ~ 25mA, Set by an External Resistor
Input Current Limit 110mA
BAT Sink Current
at Shut Down
10nA (TYP.)
Functions ・Shutdown, Wake-up
・Battery Voltage Monitor or
Battery Low Voltage Notification
・OUT Line Switch Interlocked by
UVLO, Charge Enable
・Battery Temperature Monitor
・Current Path / Input Current Limit
Protection Functions ・Battery Over Discharge Protection
・Output Short Protection
・Thermal Control
・Reverse Current Prevention
・Safty Timer of Charging
Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Environmentally Friendly EU RoHS Compliant, Pb Free


Package WLP-12-01 Number of Pins 12
Pcs/Reel 5,000 Package Size(mm) 1.57 x 1.17 x 0.33


Technical Document