XC6127 Series

Ultra Small Voltage Detector with High Precision Delay Circuit and Manual Reset Function

XC6127 series is ultra small highly accurate voltage detector with delay circuit built-in.

The device includes a highly accurate reference voltage source, manufactured using CMOS process technology and laser trimming technologies, it maintains high accuracy, low power consumption, and accurate releases delay time over the full operation temperature range.

The release delay time periods are internally set in a range from 50ms to 800ms,Moreover, with the manual reset function, reset can be asserted at any time.

The device is available in both CMOS and N-channel open drain output configurations. Also detect logic is available in both RESETB (Active Low) and RESET (Active High).

Ultra small package USPN-4 is ideally suited for small design of portable devices and high densely mounting applications. The conventional packages SSOT-24,SOT-25 is also available for upper compatible replacements.

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Jun 1, 2011
Product News
High Precision Voltage Detectors with Internal Delay Circuit and Manual Reset Function XC6127 Series

Typical Application Circuit


Detect voltage accuracy ±0.8%(25℃)
Detect Voltage Temperature Characteristics ±50ppm/℃
Quiescent Current 0.6μATYP.(DetectVDF=1.8V,VIN=1.62V)
Operating Voltage Range 0.7V~6.0V
Detect Voltage Range 1.5V~5.5V(0.1V increments)
Manual Reset Input MRB Pin (Built-in Pull-up resistance)
Output Configuration N-channel open drain or CMOS output
Output Logic RESETB(ActiveLow)
Release Delay Time 50ms/100ms/200ms/400ms/800ms±15%
Environmentally Friendly EU RoHS compliant, Pb free



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