XC6351 Series

Inverter Charge Pump

The XC6351A series are charge pump voltage inverter ICs that have 4 MOSFETs built in. Since highly efficient negative voltages can be generated with only 2 external capacitors connected, GaAs bias power supplies & OpAmp's negative power supplies etc., can be easily accommodated on a standard PCB.

A mini-molded, 6 pin, SOT-26 package, USP-6B Package provides for space saving and makes high density mounting possible. Low power consumption and high efficiency make this series perfect for use with battery operated applications. Since the IC's operations stop when output is shutdown via the CE (chip enable) function, total power consumption reduction is possible in applications which use this IC.

Typical Application Circuit


Operating Voltage Range 1.2V~5.0V
Oscillation Frequency 120kHz,35kHz(custom)
Low Quiescent Current 310μA(TYP.),100μA(TYP.)(35kHz(custom))
High Efficiency 90%(TYP.)(RL=2kΩ)
Stand-by Current 2.0μA(MAX.)



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