XC6423 : 300mA×Dual LDO Regulator with Non-Rush & TSD



The demand for miniaturization is strong, especially in portable devices. For power ICs as well, small size and high-level functions are desired.

The XC6423 series meets these market needs with two internal high-performance LDO channels in a newly developed thin and small package. The height of the external package has been lowered to a maximum of 0.4 mm, and the smallest size in the industry that incorporates two 300mA LDO channels has been achieved.This size is suitable for portable device applications, and is ideal for various types of modules that have strict board size restrictions.

This IC has high PSRR, good load response, and high output voltage stability. An internal CE (Chip Enable) function allows the two LDO channels to be turned ON/OFF independently to help save power.




Minimum size, High heat dissipation
Package size 1.2mm×1.2mm×0.4mm Max

In general, continuous power dissipation is proportional to exterior volume.Although the LGA-6A01 is the smallest package in its class, heat is dissipated directly through the Au-bump to create a structure with excellent heat dissipation.

LGA-6A01 vs. USP-6C(ON Resistance)

0.1Ω Improved specifications

Compared to previous wire-connection surface mount packages using the same IC, the flip chip connection based structure helps improve ON resistance characteristics.