XC9404 Series

Offline Controller for LED Lighting with Power Factor Correction

The XC9404 series are LED lighting offline controllers that use PFM(Pulse Frequency Modulation) control and have a Power Factor improvement function. The operating input voltage range is 85VAC to 270VAC, and the current is controlled on the primary side without using a Opto-coupler or secondary side control circuit. Because LED current fluctuations caused by input voltage fluctuations and LED voltage fluctuations can be suppressed, a stable LED lighting power supply is obtained.


Operating Voltage 85VAC~270VAC
Output Wattage up to 50W
Power Factor / THD Power Factor 0.95 or more / THD up to 10% attainable
Control PFM control
Function Opto-coupler free due to primary control
Built-in acceleration Start
Low Start up Current 20μA
Protection Function LED Open/Short protection
Over Voltage Protection
Over Current Protection
Thermal shutdown
Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ +105℃


Package SOP-8D Number of Pins 8
Pcs/Reel 2,500 Package Size(mm) 6.0 x 3.9 x 1.55


Technical Document