XC8102 Series

Load Switch with Low On-Resistance

The XC8102 series is a low ON resistance load switch IC with ON/OFF control and output current protection which integrates a P-channel MOSFET.

By connecting the XC8102 to the output pin of a step-down DC/DC converter, the CE pin controls ON/OFF for each distribution switch to deliver power per requirements and maximize total power efficiency. As a result, the XC8102 helps to extend battery life and product operation time.

The series contains a current limit and protection circuit so these are not required externally unlike discrete circuit solutions where MOSFETs and resistors are used.

When a low signal is input to the CE pin, the series enters stand-by mode. Even where a load capacitor is connected to the output pin during stand-by, the electric charge stored at the load capacitor is discharged through the internal switch. As a result, the VOUT pin voltage falls quickly to the VSS level.

The series contains over current protection with fold-back current circuitry which operates as over current protection and short circuit protection for the output pin.

Typical Application Circuit


On Resistance 0.28Ω@VIN=6.0V(TYP.)
Input Voltage Range 1.2~6.0V
Quiescent Current 3.0μA@VIN=1.2V,3.6μA@VIN=2.9V,4.0μA@VIN=6.0V
Stand-by Current 0.1μA
Protection Circuits Current limit(Output Current)480mA(TYP.)(1.8≦VIN≦6.0V)
Short Circuit Protection
Short current30mA(TYP.)
ON/OFF Function High Active Enable
Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃~+85℃



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QuestionHow does the CL discharge function work?

The function rapidly releases the charge remained in the CL capacitor to make the VOUT pin voltage zero. The VOUT pin voltage does not reach zero immediately after being turned off by the CE function due to the charge remained in the connected CL capacitor. While the charge in the CL capacitor is gradually reaching zero, the LSI continues operating and does not work with the CE pin signal, which may cause a malfunction. This is why the discharge is required when turning off the CE pin. A larger capacitance of the capacitor needs longer time to be discharged.

QuestionWhat does CL mean?

Load capacitor. Other companies often refer to it as COUT.