XC8111 Series

Load Switch IC with Ideal Diode Function (IEC 62368-1 Certification)

The XC8111 series are load switch ICs that reproduce ideal diodes, and equipped with functions including chip enable (CE), over current limit, inrush current limit, and thermal shutdown.

These ICs perform regulation control to ensure that their VOUT pin voltage is a value of VIN - 20mV, so they can suppress heat generation to a greater extent than general diodes. When a voltage is applied at the VOUT pin and it becomes equal to or higher than VIN - 20mV, the driver FET will turn OFF. Furthermore, when the VOUT pin voltage becomes equal to or higher than VIN + 20mV, the IC’s internal power supply will switch from VIN to VOUT, which can prevent backflow current flowing from the VOUT pin through the parasitic diode to the VIN pin, while also interrupting current flowing from VIN to the IC. This makes it possible to easily achieve an output voltage OR circuit, and to reduce battery consumption for backup purposes.

This IC has been certified by the international standard IEC 62368-1 that defines safety requirements, and it is possible to simplify the single failure test of the subsequent circuits. By adopting the foldback method for over current limiting, the short-circuit current can be suppressed to 50mA, and it can be used safely even in the event of a short-circuit.

Typical Application Circuit


Input Voltage Range 1.5V ~ 6.0V
Output Current 1000mA (VIN >2.0V)
Stand-by Current 0.65μA
Quiescent Current 3.6μA
Reverse Bias Current 0.8μA
Forward Voltage 20mV
Over current limit 1700mA
Short current 50mA
Function Ideal diode function
Reverse Protection
Inrush current prevention
Protective function Over current limit
Thermal shutdown function
Standard IEC 62368-1:2018 Certification
Operating Ambient -40℃~ 105℃


Package WLP-4-02 Number of Pins 4
Pcs/Reel 5,000 Package Size(mm) 0.82 x 0.82 x 0.5


Technical Document