XC2163 Series

ICs for use with 3rd Overtone Crystal Oscillators

The XC2163 series are high frequency, low current consumption CMOS ICs with built-in crystal oscillator and divider circuits.

Output is selectable from any one of the following values for f0 : f0/1, f0/2, f0/4, f0/8.

With oscillation capacitors and a feedback resistors built-in, it is possible to configure a stable 3rd overtone oscillator using only an external crystal oscillator.

Also available is an external oscillation capacitor/external oscillation feedback resistor type which makes oscillation frequency control possible.


Oscillation Frequency,(3rd Overtone) 40MHz~125MHz(Rf, Cg, Cd internal 5.0V)
57MHz~125MHz(Rf, Cg, Cd internal 3.3V)
20MHz~125MHz(Rf, Cg, Cd external)
Divider Ratio f0/1,f0/2,f0/4,f0/8
Output 3-state
Operating Voltage Range 3.3V±10%,5.0V±10%
Low Quiescent Current Stand-by function included



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