XC6193 Series

1A Output Current Push Button intelligent Load Switch

The XC6193 and the XC6194 series are the Push Button load switch with functions best suitable for battery operated devices.

The built-in high side switch is turned on by the Push Button (Turning off is also possible on the XC619xA type.)and turned off by the "L" level signal into the SHDN pin from the MCU or the like.

In addition to these functions, this IC is equipped with output capacitor inrush current limiting function and short-circuit protection function, realizing an intelligent load switch.

The high side switch is turned on and latched by inputting "L" signal from the Push Button of the device to the SW pin.It is possible to shut down (OFF) by inputting a 1-pulse signal of "H" level from the MCU or the like to the SHDN pin. This realizes a main switch of battery operated devices easily. (*1) (The XC6193 series are possible to control not only the built-in high side switch but also the external P-channel MOSFET.)

The leak current at shutdown is so small, which is 10nA(Typ.), that this IC will contribute to reducing the discharge of the battery and making shelf life longer of the devices after shipping as well as functioning as a main switch.

For the A type, it is possible to turn off forcibly in case of emergency by Push Button signal. This enables a freezed device to be turned off. For the B type, turn-off is available only with SHDN pin. In addition to the built-in high side switch, the XC6193 series has the GATE pin for driving an external Pch MOSFET.

The XC6194 series has a power good function (the PG pin) for properly adjusting the timing of turning on the DC/DC regulator or other downstream system. The output capacitor inrush current limiting soft-start function suppresses excessive current that occurs when the switch is turned on, preventing it from going into a brownout state.

The output short-circuit protection function detects the voltage drop due to the short circuit and turns off the power supply line by force. The "L" signal on the SW pin by Push button makes the device recover.

(*1) Please be sure to complete the preparation for shutting down safely before inputting the signal to SHDN pin from the MCU or the likes.

Typical Application Circuit


Input Voltage Range 1.8V ~ 6.0V
Stand-by Current 0.001μA (TYP.) / Turn-Off state
Quiescent Current 0.13μA (TYP.) / Turn-On state
Output Current Only Internal FET - 1000mA (VIN=2.0V)
External FET - Depend on FET
Turn-On Delay Time 0.2s, 1.0s, 3.0s or 5.0s
Turn-Off Method Type A
・By inputting “H” voltage to the SHDN pin.
・By inputting “L” voltage during the TOFFD to the SW pin.

Type B
・By inputting “H” voltage to the SHDN pin.
Turn-Off Delay Time 3s, 5s, 10s or 15s
Added function External MOSFET Control function (The GATE pin)
Shutdown function (the SHDN pin)
Protective function Output capacitor inrush current limit soft-start
Output capacitor discharge
Output short circuit protection
Thermal shutdown
Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃



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