XC6135 Series

Ultra-Low Power (44nA) Voltage Detector with Separated Sense Pin

The XC6135 series is ultra-low power voltage detector with high accuracy detection, manufactured using CMOS process and laser trimming technologies.
Since the sense pin is separated from the power supply pin, it allows the IC to monitor the other power supply.
The XC6135 can maintain the state of detection even when voltage of the monitored power supply drops to 0V.
Sense Pin is also suited for detecting low voltages starting from 0.5V.

Ultra-small low height package USPQ-4B05 and standard packages SSOT-24 and SOT-25 which are ideally suited for small design of portable devices and high densely mounting applications.
UVLO circuit is implemented in order to suppress the floating of RESETB pin (undefined operation) when VIN voltage is lower than the minimum operation voltage.

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Jun 4, 2018
Product News
High-precision Voltage Detectors with Operational Instability Prevention Functions XC6135/XC6136 Series

Typical Application Circuit


Ultra-Low Power 53nA TYP. (Detection,VIN=1.1V)
44nA TYP. (Released,VIN=1.1V)
High Accuracy ±10mV (0.5≦VDF≦1.1V, Ta=25℃)
±0.8% (1.2≦VDF≦3.0V, Ta=25℃)
±1.0% (3.1V≦VDF≦5.0V, Ta=25℃)
±30mV (0.5≦VDF≦1.1V, Ta=-40℃~+105℃)
±2.5% (1.2≦VDF≦3.0V, Ta=-40℃~+105℃)
±2.7% (3.1V≦VDF≦5.0V, Ta=-40℃~+105℃)
Temperature Characteristics ±50ppm/℃ (TYP.)
Hysteresis width TYPE:A/C VDF×5.0% (TYP.)
TYPE:B/D 2mV~28mV (TYP.)
Detect voltage range 0.5V~5.0V (0.1V Step)
Operating voltage range 1.1V~6.0V
Output logic CMOS
Nch open drain



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