XC6203 Series

400mA Positive Voltage Regulators

The XC6203 series are highly precise, low quiescent current, 3 terminal positive voltage regulators manufactured using CMOS and

laser trimming technologies. The series provides high current with a significantly low dropout voltage.

The XC6203P consists of a driver transistor, a current limiter, precision reference voltage and an error amplifier.

The XC6203E is also available but without the current limiter function. Output voltage is selectable in 0.1V steps between a voltage of 1.8V and 6.0V.

Typical Application Circuit


MaximumOutput Current 400mA(with in Pd3V)
Maximum Operating Voltage 8.0V
Output Voltage Range 1.8~6.0V(0.1V increments)
High Accuracy ±2%
Low Quiescent Current 8.0μA(TYP.)
Line Regulation 0.2%/V(TYP.)
Output Voltage Temp. Characteristics ±100ppm/℃(TYP.)
Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃~85℃



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