XC62K Series

Negative Voltage Regulators

The XC62K series are highly precise, low quiescent current, negative voltage regulators, manufactured using CMOS and laser trimming technologies. The series achieves high output currents with small input-output voltage differentials, and consists of a high precision voltage reference, an error correction circuit, and an output driver with current limitation. SOT-23, SOT-89 and USP-6B packages are available.

Typical Application Circuit


Low Dropout Voltage 120mV @50mA (-5.0V)
MaximumOutput Current 100mA(within Maximum power dissipation VOUT=-5.0V)
Output Voltage -2.1V to -6.0V in 0.1V increments,-5.0V, -4.0V, -3.0V, -2.5V standard,( all other voltages are semi-custom )
High Accuracy ±2%(semi-custom±1%)
Low Quiescent Current 3.0μA(TYP.)(VOUT=-5.0V)
Output Voltage Temp. Characteristics ±100ppm/℃(TYP.)
Line Regulation 0.1%/V(TYP.)



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