XC6603 Series

1A, 0.5V Low Input Voltage, High Speed LDO Regulator (Adjustable Soft-start)

The XC6603 series is a low voltage input (0.5V) operation and provides high accuracy ±15mV / ±20mV and can supply large current efficiently due to its ultra low on-resistance even at low output voltages.

The series is ideally suited to the applications which require high current in low input/output voltages and consists of a N-ch driver transistor, a voltage reference, an error amplifier, a current limiter, a foldback circuit, a thermal shutdown (TSD) circuit, an under voltage lock out (UVLO) circuit, a soft-start circuit and a phase compensation circuit.

Output voltage is selectable in 0.1V increments within a range of 0.5V to 1.8V using laser trimming technology and ceramic capacitors can be used for the output stabilization capacitor (CL). The inrush current (IRUSH) from VIN toVOUT for charging CL at start-up can be reduced and makes theVIN stable. Soft-start time can be adjustable with connecting a capacitor to the SS pin.

The inrush current conflicts with the soft-start time, therefore if soft-start is set longer, the inrush current is decreased. The CE function enables the output to be turned off and the series to be put in stand-by mode resulting in greatly reduced power consumption. At the time of entering the stand-by mode, the series enables the electric charge at the output capacitor (CL) to be discharged via the internal switch. As a result the VOUT pin quickly returns to the VSS level. The CE pull-down function keeps the IC to be in stand-by mode even if the CE pin is left open.

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Jan 26, 2012
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1A 0.5V Ultra-Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with Built-in Inrush Current Protection XC6603/XC6604 Series

Typical Application Circuit


MaximumOutput Current 1A(1.3ALimit)
On Resistance 0.15Ω@VBIAS=3.6V,VOUT=1.2V
Bias Voltage Range 2.5V~6.0V
Input Voltage Range 0.5V~3.0V
Output Voltage Range 0.5V~1.8V(0.1V increments)
Output VoltageAccuracy ±0.015V@VOUT<1.2V
Ripple Rejection 60dB@f=1kHz(VBIAS_PSRR)
Quiescent Current 100μA(VBIAS),6.5μA(VIN)@VOUT=1.2V
Stand-by Current 0.01μA(VBIAS),0.01μA(VIN)
TSD 150℃@Detect,125℃@Release
Protection Circuits Foldback Current Limit,TSD,UVLO
Functions Adjustable Soft-start time with an external component
CE Pull-Down (Active High)
CL Auto Discharge
Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Capacitor Low ESR Ceramic(2.2μF)
Environmentally Friendly EU RoHS compliant, Pb free



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QuestionWhat is the standby current?

The current that flows through the IC in the standby mode. The standby mode means the state where the IC has been turned off by the CE function.