XD6702 Series

AEC-Q100 (Grade2) Compliant 36V Input Voltage 300mA Low Supply Current,High Speed Voltage Regulator

The XD6702 series are CMOS high-speed voltage regulator ICs with a 36V input and low supply current.
Internal circuitry includes a reference voltage supply, error amplifier, driver transistor, over-current protection circuit, Thermal shutdown circuit, soft start circuit, and phase compensation circuit.

The output voltage is fixed internally by laser trimming, and product selections from 1.8V to 18.0V are available. The over-current protection function and Thermal shutdown protection are built-in, and when the output current reaches the current limit or the junction temperature reaches the temperature limit, the corresponding function activates.
The soft start circuit limits the rush current that flows from VIN to VOUT when the IC starts, enabling a stable startup sequence.

The IC is put in the standby state by inputting L level into the CE pin, and the supply current is reduced to 0.1 μA.

A low-ESR capacitor such as a ceramic capacitor can also be used for CL.

Typical Application Circuit


Input Voltage Range 4.5V ~ 36.0V (Absolute Maximum Rating 42.0V)
Peak Voltage 46.0V (Transient≦400ms)
Output Current 300mA
Output Voltage Range 1.8V ~ 18.0V
VOUT< 6.0V, 0.1V step settings
VOUT ≧ 6.0V, 0.5V step settings
Temperature Characteristics ±50ppm/℃ (TYP.)
Supply Current 40μA
Dropout Voltage 350mV@ IOUT=100mA,VOUT=5.0V
Ripple Rejection Ratio 65dB @1kHz
Standby Current 0.1μA
Protection Function Current Limit
Thermal Shutdown
Addition Function Soft Start
CE Function (Active High)
Output Capacitor Ceramic Capacitor (2.2μF)
Environmentally Friendly EU RoHS Compliant, Pb Free