XC9261 Series

1.5A COT Control, Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converters

The XC9261 series is a group of synchronous-rectification type DC/DC converters with a built-in P-channel MOS driver transistor and N-channel MOS switching transistor, designed to allow the use of ceramic capacitors.

Output voltage is internally set in a range from 0.8V to 3.6V (2.0%) increments of 0.05V. The device provides a high efficiency, stable power supply with an output current of 1.5A to be configured using only a coil and two capacitors cnnected externally. Oscillation frequency is set to 1.2MHz or 3MHz can be selected for suiting to your particular application.

During stand-by, all circuits are shutdown to reduce current consumption to as low as 1.0μA or less. As for the soft-start function as fast as 0.30ms in typical for quick turn-on. With the built-in UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) function, the internal P-channel MOS driver transistor is forced OFF when input voltage becomes 2.0V or lower. The B types integrate CL High Speed discharge function which enables the electric charge at the output capacitor CL to be discharged via the internal discharge.

Two types of package SOT-89-5, USP-6C are available.

(*) HiSAT-COT is an original Torex term for High Speed Transient Response.

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Jul 9, 2014
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【New Product Leaflet】XC9260/XC9261
Aug 28, 2013
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1.5A Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converters with High Speed Transient Response HiSAT-COT Control XC9260/XC9261 Series

Typical Application Circuit


Input Voltage Range 2.7V~5.5V
Output Voltage Range 0.8V~3.6V(±2.0%)
Quiescent Current 25μA(fOSC=3.0MHz)
Output Current 1.5A
Oscillation Frequency 1.2MHz
Efficiency 90%
Control Methods HiSAT-COTControl
100% Duty Cycle
Protection Circuits Thermal Shut Down
Current Limit Circuit (Pendent character)
Short Circuit Protection(TypeB)
Functions Soft-Start
CL High Speed Auto Discharge(TypeB)
Capacitor Low ESR Ceramic
Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃~+105℃
Environmentally Friendly EU RoHS Compliant, Pb Free



Technical Document

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QuestionHow does the GO function of DC/DC converters work? Does it work just like a regulator?

Torex regard the PWM/PFM automatic switch control function as Green Operation (GO) in the case of DC/DC. The GO function is defined as the switching operation between the PFM mode for a small output current and the PWM mode for a large output current. The PFM control method controls the output current by increasing and decreasing the fall time according to the output current while keeping a pulse width. The PWM control method controls the output current by adjusting the pulse width of the rise time, which keeps the rise/fall time interval constant and increases the efficiency at a heavy load. By switching between the PFM control for a small output current and the PWM control for a large output current, the quiescent current can be controlled for both of heavy and light loads.

QuestionWhat is the soft-start function?

The function to soften the rise to prevent the inrush current.