XC9103 Series

Ceramic Cap. Compatible Step-up DC/DC Controllers

The XC9103 series are PWM, PWM/PFM auto switching /manual switching controlled multi-functional step-up DC/DC controllers.

Output will be stable no matter which load capacitors are used but should a low ESR capacitor be used, RSENSE of about 0.1Ω will be required and phase compensation will be achieved. This makes the use of ceramic capacitors much easier and allows for lower output ripple and reduced PCB area requirements. Tantalum and electrolytic capacitors can also be used, in which case, RSENSE becomes unnecessary.

With 0.9V of standard voltage supply internal, and using externally connected components, output voltage can be set up freely within a range of 1.5V to 30V. With 300kHz or 180kHz frequencies, the size of the external components can be reduced. Oscillation frequencies of 100kHz and 500kHz are also available as custom-designed products.

The XC9103 offers PWM operation.

A current limiter circuit is built in to the IC (except with the 500kHz version) and monitors the ripple voltage on the FB pin. Operation is shut down when the ripple voltage is more than 250mV. The operations of the IC can be returned to normal with a toggle of the CE pin or by turning the power supply back on.

Typical Application Circuit


Input Voltage Range 0.9V~10V
Power Supply Voltage Range 1.8V~10V
Output Voltage Range 1.5V~30V,Can be set freely with 0.9V(±2.0V) of reference voltage supply and external registors.
Oscillation Frequency 100,180,300,500kHz(±15%), (180,300kHz only for XC9103/04/05B type)
Output Current More than 400mA(VIN=1.8V,VOUT=3.3V)
Control PWM
High Efficiency 85%(TYP.)
Stand-by Current ISTB=1.0μA(MAX.)
Load Capacitors Low ESR capacitors compatible
Current Limiter Function Operates when ripple voltage=250mV ,Also available without current limiter ,(500kHz type is available only without current limiter)



Quality Reports


QuestionWhat is the soft-start function?

The function to soften the rise to prevent the inrush current.

QuestionWhat is the standby current?

The current that flows through the IC in the standby mode. The standby mode means the state where the IC has been turned off by the CE function.

QuestionWhat does the FB product mean?

An IC for which any output voltage can be set by the reference voltage of the FB pins and the external dividing resistor. The output voltage is determined by the RFB1 and RFB2 values, using the following formula: VOUT = Vref × (RFB1 + RFB2)/RFB2