XCM410 Series

2 Channel Voltage Detecter(Sence Pin separated from VDD)

The XCM410 series is a multi combination module IC which comprises of two voltage detectors, XC6108 and XC6109 series. The two detectors inside are highly precise, low power consumption voltage detectors using laser trimming technology. The sense pin (VSEN) for channel 1 (VOUT1) is separated from power supply (VIN) so that it allows this pin to monitor added power supply. This feature enables output to maintain the state of detection even when voltage of the monitored power supply drops to 0V. The output configuration is N-channel open-drain.

Typical Application Circuit


DetectAccuracy ±2%(Detect Voltage≧1.5V),±30mV(Detect Voltage<1.5V)
Low Quiescent Current 1.7μA(TYP.),(VDF1=1.5V,VDF2=3.3V,VIN=4.0V)
Detect Voltage Range VSEN Pin:0.8V~5.0V(0.1V increments),VIN Pin(=VDD):1.1V~5.0V(0.1V increments)
Operating Voltage Range 1.0V~6.0V
Detect Voltage Temperature Characteristics ±100ppm/℃(TYP.)
Output Configuration N-channel open drain
Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃~+85℃
VDD Separation Channel 1(VSEN pin) is free from VDD



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