XC6131 Series

Watchdog Timeout Period Externally Adjustable Voltage Detector

The XC6131 series are voltage detectors with a watchdog function. The watchdog timeout time and release delay time can be set as desired using a single external capacitor. These voltage detectors are used for microprocessor monitoring, and when the power voltage reaches the detect voltage or an L→H pulse is not input to the watchdog pin within the watchdog timeout time, an L level signal is output from the RESETB pin.

The XC6131 series has a watchdog ON/OFF function. By setting the EN pin to L level, the watchdog function can be turned OFF while the voltage detector that monitors the power voltage continues to operate.

The MRB pin and EN pin are pulled up internally to VIN, and thus these pins can be left open when not used.

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Apr 15, 2014
Product News
XC6130/XC6131 Series

Typical Application Circuit


Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃~+125℃
Operating Voltage Range 1.5V~6.0V
Detect Voltage Range 1.6V~5.0V±1.0%
Hysteresis Width VDFL×5%
Detect Voltage Temperature Characteristics ±50ppm/℃
Output Configuration N-channel open drain
Low Quiescent Current 8.1μADetect
Functions Watchdog ON/OFF Function
Watchdog Timeout Period 100ms(Cd=0.1μF)
Release Delay Time 100ms(Cd=0.1μF) (Power-on State)
10ms (Cd=0.1μF) (After Watchdog Timeout)
Environmentally Friendly EU RoHS compliant, Pb free


Package DFN1515-6A Number of Pins 6
Pcs/Reel 5,000 Package Size(mm) 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.37


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QuestionWhat does the watchdog timer work?

This timer function is continuously monitoring to check whether the microcomputer is normally operating or not and give notice of any abnormal operation.