About Sample Request

Torex sends samples of its products free of charge to allow its customers to select their power management ICs, study circuit design or validating circuit board mounting. You can request samples by submitting an inquiry or using the Cart. If you wish more information about requesting samples, please contact our Sales Headquarters at 03-6222-2860 (Business days: 9:00 to 17:30).

Requesting free samples with the Cart

If you have decided the part numbers of the products you wish to request samples of, using the Cart is convenient. From the product table on each series page, you just click the Request Sample button beside the part number you wish to request. You can revise the quantity requested with the Cart. You can request up to 50 of each part number. If you wish more than 50, please use Online.

You can add the products to your cart by clicking the sample request button
Click to add it to your Cart.

Use [Inquiry] to check on products beside which Request Sample is not displayed.
In some cases the “Sample Request” button of a product is not displayed because according to the status of the inventory of the product, it may be impossible to send it promptly. In this case, click the Inquiry and send the recipient and number of samples, and a Torex Sales manager will inform you of the delivery date.

Requesting a free sample through an Inquiry

In the case where, “I cannot find a sample that satisfies the requested specifications,” “There are multiple possibilities, so I cannot decide which is the best one,” or “I want to select the most appropriate sample.”, please use Inquiry (technical consultation).