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QuestionWhat is a big difference between XC6602 and other high speed regulators?

Most high speed regulators use a Pch MOSFET as the transistor, which tends to have a large on-resistance for a low VIN and does not allow the VIN below the minimum operating voltage of the IC. XC6602 adopts an Nch MOSFET as the driver transistor to realize the low-input voltage operation and ultralow on-resistance.

QuestionWhat is the more efficient usage of XC6602?

It can more efficiently output a large current with a lower input-output dropout voltage to step down the input voltage by a DC/DC converter and branch the output to use of XC6602 as the core power source of the LSI, than to directly introduce the voltage from a high speed regulator. For example, if you want to get 1.5V from 3.6V for the core power source of the LSI, you can efficiently output a large current by stepping it down to 1.8V at first by the DC/DC converter with high efficiency and branching the 1.8V by use of the XC6602 series. It is about 35% more efficient than directly introducing the 1.5V from a high speed regulator.

QuestionXC9235/36/37 is used for XCL205/06/07. Does this integration change the characteristics?


QuestionTell me about XCL205/XCL206/XCL207 Series.

They are coil-integrated step-down DC/DC converters that achieves both a reduction of the mounting area and good characteristics by means of a simple structure whereby the coil is placed on top of the complete DC/DC converter IC. The only components that are needed to output the output current (maximum of 600 mA) are two capacitors, enabling miniaturization when mounting on the board . The simple structure allows existing mass production pieces to be used without degrading the characteristics of the IC, a major advantage.
To limit the height of the combined coil and DC/DC converter to 1 mm, we developed a new ultra-flat package (USP-6EL) with a height of 0.4 mm for the DC/DC converter.

QuestionWhat is TVS?

TVS is Transient Voltage Suppressor, and is a type of Zener diode. This is used for electrostatic discharge, and instantly absorbs the high voltages which occur during a connection.

QuestionHow does Torex define an automotive product?

On the release of an automotive electronics product, the AEC certifies the product based on AEC-Q100.
We also implement mass production testing, traceability, and other management procedures that differ from mass production products.