Privacy Policy

In order to properly protect personal information which is a serious social obligation, Torex Group establishes "Privacy Policy" as follows.

1.Collect, Use and Provide

Torex shall collect and use any personal information in a proper and fair manner with the purpose of use as specified and Torex shall implement appropriate measures to protect against unauthorized use and processing of personal information other than for the purposes described.

2.Compliance with Laws

Torex shall comply with laws, legislations, and regulations which apply to the personal information collected by Torex.

3.Implement Security Measures

Torex shall appoint appropriate personnel within each department to take necessary measures against intrusions, leakage, loss or destruction of personal information.

4.Customer Contact

Torex shall establish a “Customer Contact Team” to respond to inquiries or requests for disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information. Torex shall verify the identification of customers before responding to any such inquiries or requests.

5.Continuous Improvements

Torex shall enable its employees through regular training and reviews of internal rules and systems, to understand their legal and ethical responsibilities to the collection, use and storage of personal information in an appropriate manner.

Torex Semiconductor Ltd.
Koji Shibamiya, President

Revised Date: May 14, 2018
Effectitive Date: Aug 22, 2006

Processing of personal information by Torex

Purposes of processing of personal information

Except in cases where Torex has obtained prior consent from the person in question or notified them by other means, Torex will process the personal information Torex collects only within the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes.

Personal information (customers)
①The conclusion or fulfillment of contracts, or other management of transactions between the customer and Torex.
② Notifications or greetings based on communications between the customer and Torex, or on social practices.
③ To provide information related to our products and services.
④ To handle inquiries, requests for documents and other requests from the customer.
⑤ Investigation, analysis, research and audits that pertain to our business.
⑥ In the execution of other work pertaining to our products and services.
Personal information (shareholders and investors)
① The exercise of our rights and fulfillment of our obligations under the laws and regulations.
② The implementation of various policies that facilitate our relationships and contribute to the understanding of our business.
③ The creation, accumulation and statistical processing of data in accordance with law.
④ Responding to inquiries, etc.
Personal information (job applicants)
① Provision of information related to employment opportunities, responding to inquiries, communication concerning the dates and times of interviews, or notification of selection results
② Employment screening
③ Creation of basic data for the employment management following hiring decisions
④ Communication with job applicants

Furthermore, Torex may entrust collected personal information to subcontractors in order to achieve our purposes of process as stated above.

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Sharing personal information with third parties

Torex may provide personal information as follows in accordance with our purposes of processing.

① Party receiving information
Our distributors
② Purpose of provision
The same purposes of processing as listed above for collected personal information obtained about customers
③ Items of personal information to be provided
(Collected personal information about customers)Name, company and department, work title, address, phone number, fax number, email address, contents of inquiry, etc.
④ Method of provision
Direct provision orally or in writing, orally by phone, or by FAX, email, etc.

Moreover, Torex may in some cases provide personal information to third parties located outside of Japan. The level of protection afforded personal information varies for different countries. Even in cases such as these, Torex will take necessary and appropriate action to protect personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Management of personal information

Torex will abide by our Information Security Policy, and take all necessary measures to protect customer information from various threats such as loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, modification or destruction. For example, by setting up a redundant storage / backup environment for our servers, (including those maintaining personal information) Torex has established a system that will allow us to quickly recover in the unlikely event of an accident. At the same time, Torex has installed a firewall to counter attempts at unauthorized access, etc. from outside the company. Also, Torex uses a cloud service provider that complies with GDPR to transfer personal data to our affiliated companies, including those abroad.
Moreover, Torex has set storage time limits for each type of personal information in order to reduce the risk posed by retaining it for an unnecessarily long period of time. Torex will review these measures from time to time, and strive for continuous improvement.
If you are dissatisfied with our management of personal information, or other conditions of use, you may register complaints with the regulatory authority.

Procedures exercising your rights in relation to personal information

The procedures for exercising your rights in relation to personal information are outlined below.

(1) Your rights include the following
① Request for disclosure of personal information and notification of purposes of processing
This is the procedure for requesting the disclosure of personal information, or the notification of purposes of processing of personal information as set out above.
② Request for correction of personal information
This is the procedure for requesting corrections to personal information.
③ Request for deletion of personal information
This is the procedure for requesting the deletion of personal information.
④ Request for discontinuation/restriction of processing of personal information
This is the procedure for requesting that Torex discontinues or restricts the scope of processing of personal information.
⑤ Requests concerning data portability
This is the procedure for requesting the receipt, or transfer to a third party, of the personal information held by Torex in a specific format. However, these requests may only be made when Torex is processing the personal information based on the consent of the individual in question, and are processing it using automated means.
(2) Exercise your right
If you may execise your right, please contact the personal information inquiries desk. Torex will provide you with the forms required to make a request. Please fill them out and return them by mail. Furthermore, in order to prevent leakage of personal information, Torex will only handle requests made by the individual in question, or their legal representative.
(3) Items to submit
In order to verify that the relevant party is the one making the request, please include one copy of an official identification document such as a driver's license or passport together with the stipulated request form.
When submitting various requests through a representative, please include all of the following documents in addition to those mentioned above.
For any representative
① Power of attorney of the person in question
(Should include the relationship with the representative, reason for requiring a proxy, name, address and phone number of the representative)
② Certificate of seal-impression of the person in question (the power of attorney must be stamped with their officially registered seal)
③ ID of the representative (official identification document such as a copy of their driver's license, etc.)
For legal representative
① Documents that confirm the power of legal representation (In the case of someone who has parental authority: family register, etc.
In the case of a guardian of an adult: Adult guardianship registration certificate, etc.)
② Document to confirm that you are the actual legal representative in question
(Official identification document such as a copy of the legal representative's driver's license, etc.)
Note: Legal representative means someone who has parental authority or is a guardian of an adult.

The documents submitted for identity verification will only be used for contacting the person in question to confirm the relevant request, or concerning the contents of the request. Furthermore, these documents will not be returned, but will be disposed in accordance with adequate security measures.

(4) Response method
After confirming the contents of requests received, Torex will respond to the person in question either directly, in writing or via an electronic medium at a later date,according to the request from the person. Please be aware that Torex may not respond if Torex cannot confirm that the request was made by the person in question. Also, Torex will try to respond within 30 days. However, more time may be required in order to ensure the accuracy of our response.
(5) Fees
If the notification destination for requests for disclosure of personal information and notification of purposes of processing is within Japan, Torex will send them by certified mail. The fee for this is 822 yen. (Please enclose 822 yen worth of stamps when you submit your documents) If the notification destination is outside of Japan, Torex will send it free of charge. Corrections, additions or deletions of personal information are also free of charge. Note: Torex will contact you if the stamps are insufficient or have not been enclosed. If Torex cannot confirm payment within 30 days of contacting you, Torex will proceed as if the requests had not been made.
(6) Reason for refusa/dt>
Torex may not be able to honor your request in the following cases. In such cases Torex will send a note informing you of this fact and explaining the reason. Moreover, Torex will collect the relevant fee even if Torex are unable to honor your request.
① If Torex cannot confirm the identity of the person in question because the address on the submitted identification documents does not match the address on the request form
② If Torex cannot confirm the power of attorney for the representative who submitted the request
③ If there is a mistake on the specified request form
④ If Torex is not obligated to comply with the request according to applicable laws
⑤ If doing so may result in damage to the health, assets or other rights and interests of the person in question or other third parties
⑥ If doing so will pose a considerable obstacle to the execution of our business
⑦ If doing so would be in violation of other laws and regulations

Voluntariness and consequences of not providing relevant information

The provision of personal information is completely voluntary. However, please be aware that not providing necessary personal information may interfere with the smooth provision of our products and services.

Withdrawal of consent

Torex obtains consent for the process of personal information when you make an inquiry through our website. However, if you would like to withdraw your consent, please contact us using the form below.

Transfer of personal information outside of the EEA

Our website is administered by our Japanese corporate entity. And our group conducts business on a global scale.

This means that personal information collected from customers via our website may be transferred to subsidiaries, affiliates or distributors which are outside of the EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area).

It is possible that the laws related to personal information in the countries that customer personal information is transferred to may deviate from the level provided by the EU/EEA.

However, Torex guarantees that Torex will protect customer personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Custodian of personal information

Director, General Manager, Administration Devision
Shigeki Sakurai


Inquiries and/or requests about personal information held should be sent to the following inquiry form:

Inquiry Form

C/O Administration Dept. Customer Contact (Personal information)
3F DAIHO ANNEX 1-24-1 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033 Japan

Note:Please be aware that Torex does not handle requests made by direct visit to the company.