President's Message

At the heart of Torex Semiconductor is the idea of making a positive contribution to society and the environment through our products and business based on our corporate philosophy, "the prosperity of our society and the maintenance of our global environment by creating highly valuable products". To promote sustainability in the spirit of shared prosperity and harmonious coexistence, we will work together not only with our organization but also with our customers and supply chain.

We are a fabless company characterized by relatively low energy consumption. Various sectors such as mobile devices, automobiles, industrial equipment, medical devices, and household appliances utilize these products, enhancing efficiency, saving energy, and conserving resources with reduced power consumption and miniaturization technologies.

Consequently, our business growth and commitment to providing high-quality products align with the "Green Transformation (GX)," an initiative that focuses on renewable and clean energy sources to promote carbon neutrality and environmental protection, ultimately realizing a sustainable society.

In addition to promoting ESG management, we are also committed to environmental protection and strive to comply with environmental regulations in accordance with "ISO 14001." To address environmental and social issues, we collaborate with partner companies even in the product development stage to reduce environmental impact, contribute to society, and find solutions for more sustainable products and services.

In social terms, we focus not only on improving the working environment and providing high-quality products and services but also on developing human resources. In terms of sound corporate management, we place a high value on good corporate governance and implement specific measures to increase the company's value.

To raise awareness of the importance of sustainability, we have therefore set up an internal "Sustainability Promotion Committee." Going forward, we will appoint a responsible person in each department to promote cooperation within the company, so that all employees can understand and ensure that our company's efforts align with an overarching goal.