President's Message


Provide Value and Pursue Sustainability

From the beginning, companies have sought to maintain profitability as an organization by beating the market competition to win profits and have also focused on coexistence and co-prosperity with stakeholders to remain profitable over the long term. Companies have also come to recognize that it is their responsibility to ensure business continuity by allocating resources and distributing profits.

Today, sustainability means managing a company not only to produce profits and ensure business continuity but also to solve problems taking into consideration the environment, society, and economic feasibility. We must respond to changes in the world by embracing those changes, diversifying, and remaining flexible. Further, we must expand the value of our businesses by providing value through our products and services to increase profitability while sustaining the business. At the same time, it is important to contribute to the sustainability of the environment, society, and the economy.

The “prosperity of society,” “maintenance of our global environment,” and “enabling each and everyone involved in our business to prosper” have been part of the corporate philosophy of the Torex Group since its establishment in 1995 and this concept remains linked to the current sustainability management. As a company that specializes in power supply ICs, we were at the forefront of recognizing that value to society. The difference between now and then, however, is climate change and the other many environmental and social problems we face.

The Torex Group is pursuing Green Transformation (GX) to realize a carbon-free society through power supply IC and power device applications to contribute to making electronic components more efficient through less power consumption and application of miniaturization technologies to use less energy and resources. At the same time Torex Group products will provide such indispensable functions and performance as 5G communications, IoT equipment, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicle operation, and the sensors and control systems on which machines rely while also contributing in a major way to realizing a prosperous, smart society that is safe and secure while also reducing the environmental load.

Alone, however, our power supply ICs and power devices cannot solve these environmental and social problems. We must expand the value provided and aim to become a sustainable society through collaboration with a variety of manufacturers.

Going forward we will focus on promoting ESG management with the Group. We will continue to strengthen measures as a sustainable company across all themes of the ESG. This will include environmental production activities and compliance with environmental regulations in accordance with ISO14001, contributing to the local community, developing the people necessary to support the provision of excellent value, improving the working environment, and strengthening the governance necessary to facilitate wholesome management and improved corporate value.

We are proud of our business activities to provide value, pursue sustainability, and contribute to solving environmental and social problems and we will continue to expand these activities for the future.

Koji Shibamiya President