Contributing to the realization of decarbonized society by developing energy-saving products.

Low current consumption power supply ICs of Torex, realizes energy saving and high efficiency of various mobile devices

Development of high-efficiency and low-power consumption products

Torex's low current consumption power supply IC realizes energy saving and high efficiency of various mobile devices.
Developing from the standpoint of leading to global environmental conservation, contributes to the effective use of limited energy.

Green Operation

The DC/DC converters and voltage regulators are equipped with "green operation" function, which can control the IC's own power consumption according to the operating status of the application. Contribute to energy saving and high performance.

DC/DC converter power conversion efficiency graph

Current consumption was reduced to just 1/10 in 10 years

Compared with ten years ago, Torex's power IC reduces current consumption to about 1/10.
Continue to develop low-power consumption products to contribute to energy conservation.

Trend of voltage regulator (GO type) current consumption

Trend of step-down DC/DC current consumption

Small Size and Space saving

The miniaturization of electronic equipment requires smaller and thinner electronic components.
It contributes to production of low-power consumption products by saving mounting space.

Continuous development of small products

We will continue to develop small size products for reduce mounting area,contribute to the reduction of environmental load.

Mounting area of step-down DC/DC

Low ON resistance and improvement of switching loss, achieve higher efficiency than conventional products.
XC9216(2004) XC9282(2018)
Package USP-6B
2.0 x 1.8 x 0.7mm
0.96 x 0.88 x 0.33mm
Mounting Area 32mm 2
Reduced mounting area to 1/12 in 10 years
2.6mm 2

Developed "micro DC/DC" that integrate coil and control IC

There are four types of "micro DC/DC" XCL series : "Pocket Type", "Stack Type", "Multiple Type", and "Cool Post Type" that with Cu post structure achieves high heat dissipation. The above four types contribute to reducing burden on environment by saving mounting space.

High Technology of Torex

With high technology as a specialist in analog power supply IC design,
We will contribute to the conservation of the global environment by developing energy-saving products.


A DC/DC converter with proprietary high-speed transient response technology(HiSAT-COT®) developed uniquely by Torex, ideal for LSI that require high precision and high stability power supply voltage. Achieves high efficiency.

USP Package

"Ultra Small Package(USP)", which is both "ultra-small/ultra-thin" as well as providing improved performance, normally considered to be mutually exclusive.

Energy-saving products of Torex

XC9276 series wins "ECCJ Chairman's Award" of "2020 Energy Conservation Grand Prize/Product & Business Model Category

Technology of ultra-low power

Stop the internal circuit of the IC according to the control status of the IC.Realize ultra-low current consumption.

Technology of switching between two-value output voltage

Only input signal without external parts,Achieves a function that can switch between binary output voltages.

Technology of reduce mounting area

The installation area is reduced by reducing the coil inductance value and the IC package area.

Contribution by promoting power semiconductors

Development of next-generation power semiconductors

Toward the realization of decarbonized society, Phenitec Semiconductor of Torex Group is strengthening the development of next-generation power semiconductor such as SiC, which enables efficient use of electricity.

Development and sales promotion of
compound semiconductors (SiC, Gallium Oxide)

Started supplying samples of SiC devices

Gallium-oxide developed by Novel Crystal Technology, Inc., which is our capital alliance partner