Kansai Technology Center

Development Facility for High-Function, High-Performance Analog Power Supply ICs for Automobiles

The Kansai Technology Center is a development facility for high-performance analog power supply ICs for automobiles. Previously the product design, mass-production technology and quality assurance functions were decentralized in Sapporo and Okayama, but in May 2016 they were consolidated in Osaka. This allows us to achieve both better quality and faster start of mass production. As a result, we are able to deliver high quality products timely to not only our customers in the Kansai Region but also to those in the automobile and machinery industries that are concentrated in the Chukyo Region and overseas customers, such as those in the rapidly growing Asia Region.

The Catch Phrase is “From Osaka to the World!”

Torex has many overseas customers. The Kansai Technology Center collaborates with the Sapporo Technology Center, Tokyo Technology Center and TOREX USA Corp. R&D Center (established April 2016) to develop and improve technology under the key phrase of “From Osaka to the World!”


  • R&D Prober
  • IC Tester
  • LAB Clean Booth (Class 10,000)
  • Environment Test Equipment/Isothermal Tank
  • Temperature Cycle Oven
  • HAST Test Equipment
  • Reflow Equipment
  • Emission/OBIRCH Microscope
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • Focused Ion Beam Processing Monitoring Equipment
  • Scanning Electron Microscope