YES POWERTECHNIX, TOREX, Conclusion of basic agreement on collaboration

Post Date : Dec 12, 2022

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. (Tokyo Japan: President, Koji Shibamiya, hereinafter, "TOREX") and YES POWERTECHNIX (hereinafter, "YPTX") have entered into a strategic cooperation in the power semiconductor business that centered on compound semiconductors. Going forward, to enhance brand products of both companies in a wider global market. We concluded a basic agreement on the following four points.

1)Mutual cooperation of purchase and resale of the products under the brand of both Parties by way of OEM or ODM method.
2)Effective utilization of resources owned by both Parties (human resources, test and manufacturing facilities)
3)Collaborative product development
4)Co-marketing and sales cooperation of both Parties’ products

From designing to manufacturing, YPTX is a leading company that handles everything of SiC devices (diodes and transistors) in South Korea. In addition to head office, YPTX also has research laboratories and manufacturing lines in the same country. Both lines produce 150mm SiC wafers on a scale of tens of thousands wafers per year, and support SiC device foundry services.

Torex and its subsidiary, Phenitec Semiconductor Co., Ltd., are developing power semiconductor devices to bring them to market. In collaboration with YPTX, Torex will strengthen development and lineup expansion of SiC devices.



Business Type Development and Foundry
Main products SiC(SBD,MOSFET,Module)
Focus Market 【Home Application】
PFC/ Power Supplies、Electronic Appliance & Computing、(<500W, UPS 1~10KW)
Inverter & Converter、xEV & PV(2~240KW)、Motor Control & Wind Power(~1MW)

YES POWERTECHNIX specializes in SiC power semiconductors including SiC Diode, SiC MOSFET and Modules. YES POWERTECHNIX aims to expand the use of eco-friendly energy by providing various SiC power semiconductor products and foundry service that provide high-efficiency and high-quality solutions. YES POWERTECHNIX is a subsidiary of SK Inc., the strategic investment arm of SK Group - South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate with companies that are global leaders in semiconductors, energy, and life sciences. For more information, visit

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