Ideal diode function XC8110/XC8111 series have received "Judging Committee Special Award" of "2023 Energy Conservation Grand Prize/Product & Business Model Category"

Post Date : Dec 18, 2023

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. (Tokyo Japan: President, Koji Shibamiya, 6616: Prime Market at Tokyo Stock Exchange) has received the Judging Committee Special Award in the Product & Business Model Category at the 2023 Energy Conservation Grand Prize.

Energy Conservation Grand Prize (in Japanese):

The XC8110/XC8111 series are load switch ICs that reproduce ideal diodes and functioned with CE, overcurrent limit, inrush current limit, and thermal shutdown functions.Conventional diodes which allow current to flow in one direction, have problems such as large losses on forward voltage VF, heat generation, battery life, and individual variations.

Torex's small size and low power consumption technology is utilized to solve the above problems. As a product with enhanced the value such as current limit, overheat protection and ON/OFF function, the ideal diode is the technology which is not found in conventional diode, and ultra low power switching IC with having ideal diode characteristics.

It is a versatile product that can be used as a substitute for diodes, and by replacing it with the XC8110/XC8111 series, it is possible to make it smaller, but the battery life is longer and safety is improved.

The award this time was given in high recognition of the product, which significantly contributes to extending the battery life and downsizing of backup batteries. This is achieved by reducing voltage loss to approximately 1/20 compared to the commonly used Schottky barrier diodes for reverse flow prevention on circuits. The product exhibits ideal diode characteristics with complete reverse flow prevention functionality. In addition to various protection features not found in conventional diodes, it has obtained IEC62368-1 certification, further contributing to its value for electronic devices.

Energy Saving of XC8110/XC8111 Series

An Ideal Diode Switch is a switch IC that exhibits ideal diode characteristics, with virtually no voltage drop equivalent to the diode VF (forward voltage) and zero reverse leakage current during reverse bias, amounting to 0μA. Due to its low VF, it consumes only 1/6th of the power compared to Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD).

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