Social Media Policy

In order to appropriately operate social media accounts, Torex Group establishes "Social media policy" as follows.

Official Channel

Channel name: “Torex Semiconductor Channel”


  • Transmission of information over the Internet shall take into consideration the possibility of access by large, unspecified numbers of users, and efforts shall always be made to transmit information sensibly, carefully, and with integrity.
  • It shall be recognized that for all intents and purposes information transmitted over social media cannot be deleted, and caution shall therefore be exercised for such operations.
  • In accordance with the Policy on the Protection of Personal Information, personal information of customers and transaction partners shall be handled under strict management.
  • Copyrights and all other intellectual property rights shall be given high respect, and the rights of other parties shall not be violated.

To our customers and users
Information on social media is current only at the time of its publication, and may be subject to subsequent changes. Please refer to the “News” section of the Company's official website for the most current information.