Realization of work life balance

We consider the work-life balance of our employees to be important. We have established various systems so that our diverse employees can work with pride and fulfillment and produce results in their works.

Curtailment of Overtime

Torex Semiconductor has implemented the following measures to appropriately operate and reduce overtime work in consideration of the impact of this on the health of our employees and from the viewpoint of accomplishing work efficiently through the realization of harmony between work and life.

FY2018 target: Company-wide average of 15 hours overtime per month
FY2017 result: Company-wide average of 19.8 hours overtime per month


  1. We have banned work after 10 p.m. in principle
  2. We have banned work on Sundays in principle
  3. We strive to ensure employees take a substitute or compensatory holidays if they work on holidays in principle