Business Continuity Management

Basic Policy on Business Continuity Management

1. Objectives

In preparation for various risks which could disrupt the continuity of our businesses, including natural disasters such as major earthquakes or floods, outbreaks of influenza or other diseases, corporate scandals, or terrorism, the Torex Group will build a BCM system and respond to the requests of its stakeholders in order to restore business operations quickly and provide prompt responses to customers, while giving the highest priority to respecting human life.

(1) We will make every effort possible to ensure the safety of human life including our employees, employees from affiliated companies, and local residents.
(2) We will contribute to local communities by supporting recovery efforts in disaster-affected areas.
(3) We will fulfill our responsibilities to provide products to our customers by continuing the supply of our major products or resuming such supply operations as quickly as possible.
(4) We will answer the expectations of society by continuing our business to the greatest possible extent and minimizing impacts on management.

2. Scope

The Torex Group will treat all risks which could disrupt the continuity of our businesses as subjects for consideration in our BCM. We will evaluate the urgency of these risks comprehensively according to factors including their likelihood of occurrence and their impacts on management, and will carry out response measures starting with the matters having the highest urgency.

3. Structure

Based on this policy, the Torex Group will construct a BCM system according to procedure documents or other sources which specifically indicate internal regulations and detailed rules, as well as business continuity plans.

4. Establishment of Effective Operational Structures

The Torex Group will carry out regular education and training on compliance with and thorough enforcement of regulations, detailed rules, and procedures which have been arranged according to this policy, as well as relevant laws, ordinances, and social norms. We will also perform appropriate steps to raise the effectiveness of our BCM, by confirming the implementation status of education and training and the BCM arrangement status, and investigating improvement measures.

Apr 1, 2024
Torex Semiconductor Ltd.
Takeshi Kimura, President