Based on the Torex Corporate Code of Conduct, Torex Semiconductor respects the diversity of employees, strives to provide work environments where employees have a sense of security and aims to be a company in which each and every one of employees tackles their works with pride and fulfillment.

Human Resources Development Policy

From here on, it is conceivable that circumstances such as the growth of our digital society and initiatives toward the SDGs will lead to demands for new capabilities.
Also, with the arrival of a 100-year life for mankind, it will become difficult to continue doing only specific work over one’s lifetime, and we will enter a time in which even individuals will be required to obtain new skills and abilities. It will be necessary for us to construct a human resources development system for diverse personnel who can inherit existing abilities while also having the potential to create new things, as we aim for sustainable growth and improvement of our medium- to long-term corporate value, since the environment surrounding corporations will furthermore change drastically in short time periods.
Torex Semiconductor will establish and maintain mechanisms to continually improve the abilities of its employees by building an environment to support personnel development which includes OJT, internal and external group training (Off JT), and self-development.

Realization of work life balance

We consider the work-life balance of our employees to be important. We have established various systems so that our diverse employees can work with pride and fulfillment and produce results in their works.

Curtailment of Overtime

Torex Semiconductor has implemented the following measures to appropriately operate and reduce overtime work in consideration of the impact of this on the health of our employees and from the viewpoint of accomplishing work efficiently through the realization of harmony between work and life.

FY2019 result: Company-wide average of 20.5 hours overtime per month
FY2020 result: Company-wide average of 20.1 hours overtime per month
FY2021 result: Company-wide average of 20.05 hours overtime per month
FY2022 result: Company-wide average of 19.75 hours overtime per month


  1. We have banned work after 10 p.m. in principle
  2. We have banned work on Sundays in principle
  3. We strive to ensure employees take a substitute or compensatory holidays if they work on holidays in principle

Advocate for Paid Vacation

FY2019 result: Paid vacation acquisition rate 72.0%
FY2020 result: Paid vacation acquisition rate 55.9%
FY2021 result: Paid vacation acquisition rate 60.8%
FY2022 result: Paid vacation acquisition rate 65.9%

Childcare/Nursing Care Support System

・Childcare leave system
・Reduced working hours system during the childcare period
・Family care leave system

Management based on health-care

Employee Health Management

We strive to ensure our employees undergo a regular physical examination once a year to proactively promote their health management. In addition, we provide support to allow our employees to have medical checkups by paying a part of the costs of them for those aged 35 years or older and all of the costs of them for those aged 50 years or older, and in FY 2018, 100% of employees received those examinations.

FY 2018 Consultation Rate: 100%
FY 2019 Consultation Rate: 98%
FY 2020 Consultation Rate: 98.9%
FY 2021 Consultation Rate: 99.4%
FY 2022 Consultation Rate: 99.5%

Mental Health Care

We promote mental health care to provide work environments where employees have a sense of security. In addition to introducing stress checks, we hold regular health consultation meetings with an industrial physician once a month. Moreover, we aim to reduce the mental fatigue, stress and worries of long-term workers such as by recommending meetings with the industrial physician.

Rate of Taking Stress Check
FY 2018:83%
FY 2019:84.4%
FY 2020:82.8%
FY 2021:82.6%
FY 2022:85.6%

Human Resources Development

Internal Recruitment System

We have introduced an internal recruitment system to create the opportunity for each and every one of our employees to be able to take the next step by exercising their full potential with a greater sense of satisfaction.