Local Communication

Learn about Torex Semiconductor's efforts toward local communities.

Collaboration with Food Banks

Donations from the Kansai branch

We carry out social contribution activities by effectively utilizing the products we have stockpiled for disasters close to their expiration dates. We donated the disaster stockpiles in our Head Office, Kansai Office and Sapporo Technology Center to the non-profit organization, food banks in various regions in Japan in FY2017. We would like to contribute to society by continuing to cooperate for the activities of the food banks from now on.

Contribution to Education

We run the following activities for university students, graduate school students and technical college students as a part of our program to raise awareness of analog IC technologies. We would like to continue promoting these as part of our social contribution activities from now on.

Acceptance of interns

We accept internship students to deepen their understanding about society and work by allowing them to experience our roles as an electrical manufacturer and the enjoyment of manufacturing through our operations to develop analog power supply semiconductors. We accepted interns for 10 days in our Head Office and Kansai Office in FY2017.

Offering samples to educational institutions

We contribute to the improvement of electrical and electronic technologies by offering Torex products for free to university students, graduate school students and technical college students. We also provide technical support as necessary.